How To Decorate A Stairwell

How To Decorate A Stairwell. 16 amazing basement stair ideas to. Browse some of our favorites in traditional.

How To Decorate Staircase Wall Staircase Wall Decoration from

Cover the complete area of the wall from the base of the stairs to the top and from the floor to the ceiling. It’s what we did in our home, and it’s a really classic way to pretty up your staircase. It’s a tried and tested method of elevating an area with minimum effort and can be customized to your preferences and design.

To Match The Gallery Concept, Put Another Vase Near The Bottom Stair.

Wallpaper is a traditional wall decoration and a perfect addition to turn your stairway wall into an accent wall. Of course, you could go big and completely change the wallpaper (try removable wallpaper for a less permanent fix) or paint color for a bigger difference that will make a major. Probably the most popular way to decorate your staircase is to use a gallery wall.

Consider The Square Footage Of This Space When Choosing Your Wallpaper.

Add a quartet of eclectic art to the stairway walls However, learning how to decorate stairs can make the space a focal point in your home. Not to mention you can make it personal by adding your favorite words, phrase or even quotes if there is enough space for them.

This Height Marks The Average Eye Level And Should Serve As The Center Focal Point For Your Most Important Art Or Photo.

4 examples of stair décor. Another consideration is to add a. Stairs serve a functional purpose, so they're easy to overlook when you remodel or decorate.

This Could Either Be In The Order Of Generations Or A Mix Based On Genders.

It’s what we did in our home, and it’s a really classic way to pretty up your staircase. Browse some of our favorites in traditional. One of the greatest parts about stair decorations is how a few simple additions can go a long way.

Bless This Mess Shabby Chic Stairwell.

Use paneling for staircase walls. Too many other features to list, this is a must come see home. Hang decorative coat hooks, a hat shelf, glove basket and a boot rack at the base of the stairwell.

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