How To Hang Art On Staircase Wall

How To Hang Art On Staircase Wall. Use a level to make sure your picture frames are hanging straight. Follow our picture frame hanging guide picture frame hanging guide for expert advice.

Attractive Straight Stairs Design for Home Staircase from

Lay the pieces out on a large piece of kraft paper or wrapping paper and then trace around each piece. The best way is to start is to lay the artworks on the ground in an arrangement you like. How to hang pictures on staircase walls.

Measure The Staircase Wall At 56 Inches From The Bottom Stair.

Now, you’re ready to mark for the screw. Hanging them will take a professional installer with a staircase ladder so we need to do this work in advance. Put the scoop or curve of the hook on the mark and pound the hook into the wall.

Hang Your Artwork Like A Pro!

This height marks the average eye level and should serve as the center focal point for your most important art or photo. The angle will not be exact, so as you put up each few piece, adjust accordingly. Learn the formula for hanging art in a stairwell.

Remove The Paper, And Voila!

Keep checking for equidistance and measuring to find the center line and hook spot as you hang all the art. Space the rest of your pictures evenly over the remaining stairs in between. Sometimes with nails, you’ll find your frame may move about, so adding wall bumpers or blue tack to the four corners of your frames will help!

Two Birds With One Stone.

How high should you hang pictures on a staircase. Else you can use removable wall strips. Try and make sure the bottom line of the arrangement follows the grade of the stairwell.”

Then Tape Them To The Wall And You Can Reposition The Paper Until You Are Satisfied And Then Hang Each Frame.

This technique is also useful for hanging pictures along a staircase. Use a level to make sure your picture frames are hanging straight. Notice how the frames have a lighter color.

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