Living Moss Wall Art

Living Moss Wall Art. We found that we could create dimensional art pieces to compliment interior designs at any scale. By mimicking the natural environment indoors, interior spaces can feel more welcoming, harmonious and balanced.

15 Spectacular Moss Wall Art Designs That Redefine The from

Using preserved moss we can create wall art in a range of designs, with very little maintenance required. Keep reading to review each one and pick your best choice. Preserved moss walls use dried moss, while live moss walls use real plants that need to be watered and cared for.

Keep Reading To Review Each One And Pick Your Best Choice.

Whether it’s living walls or moss art , our team of professional interior designers, plant specialists and irrigation technicians will work with you to provide custom tailored pieces to meet your needs. Moss art is a unique modern art that brings the benefits of nature to any living or working environment. Moss walls are a great option for those wanting to brighten a space with a unique piece of natural art.

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We use a variety of preserved mosses, ferns. It is an incredibly versatile solution that creates the same biological impact as living plants and can be installed anywhere indoors. As a backdrop on zoom calls, they instantly make an impression.

The Moss We Use Is Real, But It Has Been Preserved, Meaning It Does Not Require Any Water Or Light.

Regular price $99.00 sale price from $89.00 save 10% quick view. So much of an impression that it has become trendy to have green walls indoors. There are few reasons to argue against investing in moss wall art.

Preserved Moss Walls Use Dried Moss, While Live Moss Walls Use Real Plants That Need To Be Watered And Cared For.

They can act as insulation, soundproofing, or even air purifiers. Moss walls are suitable for almost all indoor environments, to create a high impact, low maintenance statement. Plants team moss covering all 4 sides of of pillar.

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Moss wall and living walls at lemi shine headquarters in austin, tx | 2017. It is simply maintenance free. For more preserved moss arts, visit my moss look book.

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